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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Self-Control Val Martens 2016-08-28 A Fruitful Summer
Gentleness Walter Perez 2016-08-21 A Fruitful Summer
Faithfulness Travis Padgham 2016-08-14 A Fruitful Summer
Goodness Galatians 5:22-23 Pastor Erica Boschman 2016-08-07 A Fruitful Summer
Kindness Matthew 20:29-34 Kerry Dyck 2016-07-31 A Fruitful Summer
Patience Kerry Dyck 2016-07-24 A Fruitful Summer
Peace Kerry Dyck 2016-07-22 A Fruitful Summer
Joy Philippians 4:4-9 Walter Perez 2016-07-10 A Fruitful Summer
Love Galatians 5:22-23 Pastor Erica Boschman 2016-07-03 A Fruitful Summer
Giving Kerry Dyck 2016-06-26 Following Jesus With Your Money
Indebted: Sorting Out Debt, Desire & Contentment Kerry Dyck 2016-06-19 Following Jesus With Your Money
Money: It's About Your Character Luke 12:13-34 Kerry Dyck 2016-06-12 Following Jesus With Your Money
How to Follow Jesus in All of Life Kerry Dyck 2016-06-05 Conversations With God
Welcoming the Stranger Matthew 25:35 Kerry Dyck 2016-05-29 Conversations With God
God's Heart Romans 10 Cam Kerney 2016-05-22 Those Who Engage
When You Don't Want to Engage Exodus 3-4:17 Pastor Erica Boschman 2016-05-15 Those Who Engage
Arise, Woman of Valour Judges 4-5 Kerry Dyck 2016-05-08 Those Who Engage
Change A Life - Teen Challenge Sunday 2016-05-01 Conversations With God
Tranformational Influence Romans 12 Walter Perez 2016-04-24 Those Who Engage
The Marks of a World Changing Church Willy Reimer 2016-04-17 Engage!

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