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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Resources Of The Family Of God Colossians 1:4-5 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-09-15 The Church: A Countercultural Community
The Church As The Family Of God Galatians 4:4-7 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-09-08 The Church: A Countercultural Community
A Generous Orthodoxy Romans 1:16 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-09-01 The Church: A Countercultural Community
Questions That Open The Door For Change John 5:1-15 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-08-25 Conversations With God
Take & Eat! Acts 10 Pastor Timothy Sesink 2019-08-18 Conversations With God
Peter's Redemption & Restoration John 21 Pastor Timothy Sesink 2019-08-11 Conversations With God
The Samaritan Woman: "Talking to Strangers" John 4:1-42 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-08-04 Conversations With God
Mary: The Mother of My Lord Luke 1:26-28 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-07-28 Conversations With God
Jeremiah: A Man Prepared Jeremiah 1:4-15 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-07-21 Conversations With God
Hannah: A One Sided Conversation? 1 Samuel 1-2 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-07-14 Conversations With God
The God Who Sees Me Genesis 16 Pastor Erica Boschman 2019-07-07 Conversations With God
Abraham Genesis 12:1-15:21 Pastor Erica Boschman 2019-06-30 Conversations With God
In The Beginning It Was Good...And It Still Is! Genesis 1-3 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-06-23 Conversations With God
Pleasing The Father Colossians 1:9-10 Jim & Brenda Regehr 2019-06-16 Colossians
Christ In His Body Colossians 1:27 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-06-09 Colossians
The Mystery Revealed Colossians 1:27 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-06-02 Colossians
A House Of Prayer For All Nations Isaiah 56:1-8 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-05-19 Colossians
Foundations For Moving Colossians 1:3-5 Pastor Jim Regehr 2019-05-12 Colossians
This Is The Gospel Colossians 1:15-23 Pastor Erica Boschman 2019-05-05 Colossians
Letter From A Stranger Colossians 1:1-13 Pastor Erica Boschman 2019-04-28 Colossians

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