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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Epiphany: God Appearing Matthew 2:1-12 Walter Perez 2019-01-06 Conversations With God
Your Back Travis Padgham 2018-12-30 Conversations With God
The Great Story: Love John 1 Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-12-23 The Stories of Christmas
Mary's Story: Joy Luke 1:26-38 Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-12-16 The Stories of Christmas
The Shepherd's Story: Peace Luke 2:1-20 Paul Loewen 2018-12-09 The Stories of Christmas
Joseph's Story: Hope Matthew 1:18-25 Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-12-04 The Stories of Christmas
Prayer (Part 2) Lloyd & Carol Letkeman 2018-11-25 Prayer
Prayer (Part 1) Colossians Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-11-18 Prayer
Finding Peace 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Val Martens 2018-11-11 Finding Peace
Omnipotent Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-11-04 Deep Awe
Omnicient Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-10-28 Deep Awe
Omnipresent Kent Dixon 2018-10-21 Deep Awe
Unchanging Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-10-14 Deep Awe
Eternal Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-10-07 Deep Awe
Freedom's Fine Print Galatians 6:1-2 Paul Cumin 2018-09-30 Conversations With God
Uncreated Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-09-23 Deep Awe
Limitless Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-09-16 Deep Awe
Parable of the Tenants Luke 20:9-18 Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-09-02 Parables
Parable of the Great Banquet Luke 14:15-24 Pastor Erica Boschman 2018-08-26 Parables
The Rich Man & Lazarus Luke 16:19-31 Sherri Guenther-Trautwein 2018-08-19 Parables

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